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Living From The Source


A 35 year national presenter of personal growth workshops, spiritual growth workshops, and transformational training.

Christine Warren's experiential workshop facilitation is grounded in 35 years of experience leading transformational personal growth workshops for thousands of participants nationally. Each workshop is an interweaving of:

  • The Heart, with heart-opening, integrative human healing work;
  • The Mind, with thought-provoking teachings that catalyze new ways of thinking and perceiving;
  • Spiritual Development, attuning to your Higher Self with intention, powerful affirmations, ceremony and ritual, meditation and spiritual attunement;
  • The Body, with Kripalu Yoga, dance and movement, play, and nature experiences.

"10 years ago I signed up for a workshop with Christine Warren. Life has never been the same! Over the years, I have returned again and again for 'a drink at her well'. She is an exceptional and masterful teacher and empathic guide. Christine walks her talk. She creates safe containers for vulnerability, trust and truth to exist as one."
-Lisane Scafine, Food and Set stylist to the photogragraphy and motion picture industry

"As a teacher, Christine Warren cannot be equaled. She is an intuitive, spiritual, caring and compassionate human being who brings out the most authentic qualities of each individual in a group. I have taken several of her personal growth workshops and find them to be life altering in the most positive ways."
-Dr. Patsy Lynn Barnes, Educator, Writer, Santa Fe, NM

"As a teacher, Christine is without equal. Her excellent understanding of group process combined with her compassion and intelligence as a trainer creates a powerful learning experience for everyone."
-Norman Scull, retired NYC Attorney

"Everyone in our group unanimously rated Christine's weekend retreat with us as the best one we've ever had."
-John Shulman, NYC Metro Young Presidents' Organization

Workshop titles include (click on each title for details):

Navigating Change: Integrating Endings, Initiating Beginnings
In Navigating Change, you explore your life changes through Christine's Wheel of Change model. You'll work experientially through each phase to gain power, healing, joy and clarity. Christine's guided experiences in healing the past are balanced with moving through times of "the mystery" as we make major life changes. Christine's metaphysics and life vision teachings guide you in shaping your future expression.

Shine Your Life: Fully Human, Fully Divine
This spiritual retreat offers powerful teachings, rich creative experiences, profound healings of old patterns and inspiring spiritual breakthroughs. Together we will learn how to mesh walking through life in a grounded, joyful way that honors our humanity with being sourced by the indwelling Spirit, or Higher Self, ever present and always guiding and helping us in all we do. This weekend includes group experiences and ritual in nature, instruction in simple meditation techniques, as well as other rich explorations of the meaning of being human. You will leave expanded and invigorated by a deepened experience of your true Self and the immense possibilities awaiting you in your life.

Standing in Your Mastery: Manifesting Your Life from the Powerful Presence Within You
Within you is a potent spiritual presence of infinite guidance, healing, and direction that, once accessed, brings wellsprings of creativity, love, and fulfilling work expression to your life. This presence is your own indwelling Self, who when contacted and lived from, brings out a natural mastery to guide all you are and all you do. When we remember who we truly are, a mastery and magnificence flows through our being and presence, illuminating our relationships, and informing and guiding our daily life. In this workshop in spiritual development and living in a higher frequency of consciousness, you discover a flow and trust in the goodness of your own life and in where you are going next that is a joy to embody.

The Art of Teaching Transformational Workshops
This experiential skills-building and personally inspiring workshop, based on Christine's 35 years as national presenter of personal growth workshops and spiritual development, gives you dynamic professional training with a transformational experience in stepping into your own voice, inner authority and talents as a teacher in your own field of expertise. You will leave deeply in touch with your vision, voice, and gifts as a teacher, and the knowledge of how to assemble these to touch the lives of others. You will gain practical skills in program design, group facilitation, public speaking, and standing in your deep presence. You will discover deeper dimensions of your own gifts and talents as a teacher and the core elements in bringing your personal light to others as a teacher. This training includes but is not limited to teachers of spiritual growth workshops and personal growth workshops.

Lifewalk: The Hero's Journey & the Spiritual Quest
Every human life follows an ancient, archetypal pattern that is reflected throughout world mythology, poetry, and spirituality. The great mythologist Joseph Campbell defined this ancient journey as The Hero's Journey. In this highly creative, experiential weekend, inspired by Campbell's work, Christine's out of the box exercises, dynamic teaching on the stages of the Hero's Journey, and workshop facilitation guides you in exploring your own Hero's Journey, including Carl Jung's work in integrating the shadow. Creative group experiences and teachings will support you in finding "the boon" or gift hidden in each stage of your human journey.

Metamorphosis: Transformation Through Transition
Metamorphosis offers a group chrysalis, a breathing space between forms in your life to integrate the past and envision the future. Our weekend provides the teachings, map and traveling instructions to guide you through your own life metamorphoses with insight, spiritual power and visionary new direction. You will discover ways to make your life passages times of wholeness, spirited inner guidance and fresh purpose for all you become and create next.

"Christine, you are a pathfinder. I brought much previous knowledge and inner work, yet found that you presented yourself as a safe containing vessel for whatever may arise in the group. You have traveled a spiritual journey and are compassionately showing the path to others. You have helped me make a new beginning."
-Alice Walker, Professor/Therapist

One Spirit: Awakening Consciousness, Presence, and Purpose
In One Spirit, one of Christine's most popular spiritual growth workshops, we view the gifts and potentials of our own lives through the lens of the brilliant, inspirational teachings of mystical spirituality, metaphysics and quantum science to find their confluence in our everyday life: our One Spirit with all that is. One Spirit includes the vibrant spirituality of Sufi masters Rumi and Hafiz, the deep peace of A Course in Miracles, the enduring wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, and the revolutionary findings of quantum physics and metaphysics applied to our potential and lives. From this deep remembrance of who we are, and of our interconnectedness with the entire Universe, we find an abundant life of presence in the moment, delight in life, deep creativity, and inner peace.

The Alchemy of Life Transitions: Spinning Straw to Gold
This mythic, Jungian approach to working with Life Transitions approaches times of great change as sacred intersections in which we may release old patterns of "us" that have held us in place and locate our greatness, zest for life and expansive vision for our future. Creating as the ancient alchemists did from the raw material of our current life challenges and transitions--the "straw" of what has dried out and been used up in our lives-- we learn how to spin these outgrown experiences into gold, living heartily and wholly from our emerging, magnificent selves.
Note: The Alchemy of Life Transitions is complementary to, but contains completely different content from, Christine's Navigating Change personal growth workshops.

Living From the Source
Within you is a Source of spiritual and personal power and creativity which is always available for you to call upon. This Source is your own Higher Wisdom, also known as your indwelling Spirit, Christ consciousness, or your Higher Self, always present and waiting to be tapped into to invigorate your life, work, health and relationships with clear guidance. When you learn to live from your Source, your life takes on a magical quality of infinite opportunities, synchronous meetings and moments that are congruent with your standing in Spirit.

A Course in Miracles
A Course in Miracles has illumined my thinking, changed limiting patterns of being, deepened my spiritual journey and filled my life with increasing peace, joy, and expansive well-being. It is both human and divine: it is a brilliant psychological treatise on how our thinking creates our perception and outer experience-and how to access our innate spiritual power to shift our thinking and our life. It is simultaneously a stunning step-by-step guidebook to living from our magnificent, limitless true nature as beings of God.

Young Adult and Teen Programs & Youth Mentoring
Christine's transformational work includes life coaching and programs for teens and young adults.

"Christine's One Spirit Retreat was a life altering experience that has continued to deepen in my life."
-Kimi Green, Non-Profit Program/Development Director
Santa Fe, NM

"In 'One Spirit', I was truly transformed! Never before has my heart been so open, my mind so peaceful and my spirit so joyful. Christine's wisdom, compassion and playfulness created a life-changing experience."
-Jolene Mauer, Marketing Director
Santa Fe, NM