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Christine Warren Workshops - Personal Growth Training & Counseling


Comments on Christine Warren's Programs:

"Christine Warren is a masterful and deep teacher of experiential learning. Her workshops at Kripalu Center are transformational, uplifting, and greatly received by our guests."
    – Aruni Futuronsky, Director of Ongoing Programs, Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA

"It was an honor to have you here this weekend teaching Lifewalk. Thanks for doing your work with such creativity, style, and grace. The world is a better place for your being alive. Your energy is very positive. We appreciate your sharing who you are so wisely and for sharing your gifts."
    – Doug Wilson, Director, Rowe Camp and Conference Center

"It's such a blessing to find a teacher who combines laser-like insight based on decades of practice and study, with a radiant presence that makes you want to jump into the adventure of life! Christine is such a teacher. She is masterful in creating the environment, experiences, and tools to dependably unfold and transmit her own genuine wisdom and presence to others."
    – Thomas Amelio, Director, New York Open Center

"As a 25 year former director/teacher at Kripalu Center, I know Christine's teaching intimately. I consider her to be one of the most skillful leaders of group work that I have known; and I have observed and personally trained many group leaders. Christine's teaching is thought provoking, compassionate, and experiential. Kripalu guests love her workshops. I highly recommend her."
    – Kate Feldman, MSW; psychotherapist/trainer; former Kripalu Center Director

"Everyone in our group rated Christine's retreat with us at Omega as the best one we have ever had, including some exotic places we've traveled to and other facilitators we've used. Her program was effective and balanced, and she walks that fine line well between process and applicability. We will remember this extraordinary experience."
    – John Schulman, New York Metro Young Presidents' Organization

"Christine, you are a pathfinder. I brought much previous knowledge and inner work, yet found that you presented yourself and your space as a safe containing vessel for whatever emotion may arise for us. You have traveled a spiritual journey and are compassionately showing the path to others. Your courage, openness, and gentle spirit will help me make a solid new beginning."
    – Alice Walker, Professor/Therapist

"Absolutely top-notch. I feel greater peace and contentment and have gathered the energy and power to continue with confidence on my true path."
    – Meg Murtha, Professor, Landmark College

"I came feeling brittle, uncentered and anxious. I'm leaving open and with a soft, compassionate heart for myself and others on our journey together. Christine's openness, clarity, compassion and intelligence were powerful. Being with her was safe and allowed us all to be vulnerable and explore ourselves without shame or fear. It was a transformative experience to be in her presence."
    – Anne Cody, "Common Ground" talk show host

"Christine was excellent. She spoke out of her experience. She knew her material; was flexible, compassionate, and understanding. Her combination of humor, knowledge, and experience can't be beat. I acquired clarity, understanding, and a strategy known to work. The exercises were very powerful--an opportunity to see that the teachings work and are helpful."
    – Dr. John P. Laglos, Neurologist

"I am ready to move forward, empowered and invigorated. Christine was consistently positive and encouraging , and created a safe space for this important work."
    – Carol Lambert, Psychologist

"In Christine's workshop, I refocused my life at a major turning point. Christine embodies professionalism with love and understanding, compassion and clarity."
    – Jenny Stevens, Human Resources Director

"Christine Warren has impressed me more than any trainer I have observed in over 30 years in the field of education. Her sensitivity and flexibility to adapt her plan to the group's need was outstanding. This workshop has given me the insights and understanding to rebuild my life with strength and vision after the death of my husband."
    – Jean Soto, Director, Technical College

"Navigating Change was a life transforming experience for me. I arrived that weekend with no sense of direction a very heavy heart, dealing with a divorce after 20 years of marriage. After participating in Christine's healing and visioning exercises, I left a changed person, who now had hope, excitement about my future, and a vision for my life. I have attended many spiritual and personal growth seminars, and can truly say that Christine Warren has been one of my greatest teachers."
    – D. Seifert