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Christine Warren Workshops - Personal Growth Training & Counseling


"No more talking about great Souls. Be one yourself!" - Marcus Aurelius

Within you is a Source of spiritual and personal power and creativity which is always available for you to call upon. This Source is your own Higher Wisdom, also known as your indwelling Spirit, Christ consciousness, or your Higher Self, always present and waiting to be tapped into to invigorate your life, work, health and relationships with clear guidance. When you learn to live from your Source, your life takes on a magical quality of infinite opportunities, synchronous meetings and moments that are congruent with your standing in Spirit.

We live in an age of miracles and awakening consciousness. Old ways of thinking, doing and creating our lives are in shift as many are discovering our inborn relationship with a Higher Spirit or Source Consciousness. To make room for our growing higher consciousness, old ways of living life, and old styles of making things happen through forceful effort are disintegrating. There's a new Spirit calling us forth as part of the catalyzing light and group shift moving through the planetary community. As consciousness shifts, the world will be changed. You are an integral part of this awakening and global shift to Living from the Source.

This dynamic, inspiring course offers mini-workshops with themed teachings and tools each week, creative experiential practices, suggested readings and grounded tools to transform your life, opening new possibilities, amplifying your gifts, and learning to live your life with zest, spirit, and inspiring purpose.

This course includes:

~Living from your Source: practical tools and potent teachings to feel Spirit as a living positive force in your life, and make all your big and small decisions guided by this Higher Knowing.

~How to discover and activate your current Life Purpose (which changes as you grow through life), and allowing it into fruition easily guided by Source instead of struggle.

~Attracting high frequency relationships that support your greatest self.

~How to lift in consciousness and choose a higher frequency to transform problems and challenges into extraordinary opportunities and openings.

~Taking healthy risks grounded in your inner Knowing that expand your life's possibilities.

~Creating a personal spiritual practice you love that roots you into your Source daily and scripts each day to bring you greatest peace, abundance and joy.