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Finding Your Soul Vision

From Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings © Christine Warren; may not be reproduced without permission.

Your vision is the guiding light of your Life – your Path with heart, that fulfills your soul purpose.

1. YOUR VISION IS THE ANSWER TO THE CALL coming from your deepest Self-Your Soul.

Your Vision does not exist to please others, gain approval, or do the safe thing. You find and carry out your vision so that you live your most fulfilled, joyful, alive life possible.

2. YOUR VISION IS A WORK IN PROGRESS throughout your life. You are never done.

You are always adjusting, refining, trying things on and discarding what doesn't feel good or fit your biggest selves. Every failure and pain sets you up to find your deepest Truth.

3. IT'S THE JOURNEY THAT COUNTS--NOT THE ARRIVING. It is the journey OF FINDING AND PURSUING your vision for your life that is magical, joyful, powerful--not the arriving. Part of the journey will always be dealing with the dragons on the path--inner and outer. But with a clear vision you have courage and strength to face and befriend and learn from the inner dragons.

4. VISION IS A PROCESS OF SELF-RECLAMATION. You are reclaiming your essential self and learning how to live it in the world of humanity. You are taking back your power and getting your voice to live who you really are, from your deepest core.

5. NO ONE CAN FIND YOUR VISION FOR YOU, AND YOU DO NOT NEED ANYONE'S PERMISSION. Not your partner, your parents, your peers, or your culture's. Your Authority comes from within you, and from your Higher Self speaking to you clearly through the Call you hear. Do not let anyone enroll you into their agenda for your life. Those who truly honor you will respect your visionary choices and stand by you.

8. WHAT PARTS DO I WORK ON DEFINING? In our well-intentioned enthusiasm, we often try to figure everything out AT ONCE and then overload our circuits with a huge list of what we're going to do, covering every aspect of our lives. We can then become overwhelmed and give up.

You should have ONE SHINING GOAL that directs everything else. When that goal is held as a clearly focused intention, it will naturally influence all associated parts of your life. All of your choices align to this visionary goal.


Your BEING VISION is your vision for the internal , qualitative experience of being alive: your emotions, energy, inner peace, joy, love, balance. The Being vision you have is at the core of your outer expression. It is the Moon or Feminine side of you, feeling, Being, intuiting and experiencing life.

Your DOING VISION is your outer expression in the world: your work, money, play, sexuality, creative expression. It is the Sun or Masculine part of you taking action and expressing yourself in the world. We need both parts--but the BEING will influence and direct the DOING of your life.


THE ELEMENTS OF YOUR LIFE THAT feel good and are solid do not need to be ripped up and changed. These are the background in which you are creating change and a new vision. Honor them and let them be. You work on the foreground---the issues and needs and longings that are up and present for you right now, and let everything else be the supporting background. Don't try to redefine everything in your life, which can be unsettling and overwhelming--and unnecessary!


ALLOW SOME things to rest in the Mystery. It may be premature to force them into existence. If you are forcing things too quickly, your body and emotions will report the imbalance to you. You may feel tense, anxious, ungrounded. You are pushing the river. You may need to mature more, deepen more, gather more power before you address certain parts of your life. Take the needed time to gather more voice, power and self in order to move on without getting emotionally flooded.

If you seek a loving relationship, focus on the qualities you want, not the form. You first need to find love within you, and outer forms of love may not immediately take the form of a lover. Don't give your power away by WAITING for someone to show up. Claim the love within you now, and trust Divine timing.


The dried up, bitter old person is the one who denied their bliss-their calling.

Follow your intuition of where your joy is. YOU WILL BE HELPED BY HIDDEN FORCES WHEN YOU DETERMINE TO FOLLOW YOUR BLISS, AND DO IT WITH JOY AND A POSITIVE, EXPECTANT ATTITUDE. ATTITUDE IS VERY IMPORTANT. You put yourself on a track that has been there waiting for you all along, and the the life you are living BECOMES THE LIFE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING. You will spontaneously find people in the field of your bliss. Synchronistic connections will occur!"

– Joseph Campbell, Mythologist