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The Hero's Journey and the Spiritual Quest

As taught at Kripalu Center, Rowe Center, MA, and Christine's Santa Fe Retreat Center

"We must be willing to give up the life we planned,
so as to have the life that is waiting for us." -Joseph Campbell

The life journey of every human being encompasses classical passages, initiatory gates to be passed through, seemingly impossible tasks or inner work to be undertaken. These ancient passages, and the secrets of moving through them, have been described in the mythic traditions of every world culture. They symbolize our Lifewalk --the archetypal, spiritual journey we each undergo in our quest for our own fulfilled life and radiant wholeness.

Lifewalk: The Hero's Journey and the Spiritual Quest guides you experientially through the stages of the Hero's Journey, helping you gather strength and wisdom, find healing, and regain your inherent spiritual power and love through making your life passages conscious. Rich teachings and creative group experiences illuminate each stage of the Hero's Journey, guiding you in mining the gold of your own strength, wisdom and power.

Lifewalk includes:

  • THE HERO'S JOURNEY - Hearing the Call: identifying the inner call that has been present throughout your life, and letting it be the beacon for your life decisions and path.
  • Ariadne's Thread: finding the inner thread of your own truth which weaves together even your most difficult life experiences, and leads you out of the dark labyrinth of difficult experiences into the light of expansive joy and aliveness.
  • Sacrifice and Invitation Releasing outgrown forms in your life which no longer serve you; welcoming in vital new expressions.
  • Vision, Metaphysics & Quantum Physics: teachings to invoke inspiration and clear intention for your vision.
  • The Wisdom of the Earth: drumming, sacred circle and outdoor ritual to call forth guidance from Spirit and nature.
  • The Return from the Hero's Journey: gathering vision, wisdom, and the boons from your passage, to enrich your life to come.

NOTE: Weather permitting, Lifewalk: The Hero's Journey includes moderate hiking and experiences in nature.

"Our vision for our life comes from a call deep within our Soul. We must live not to please others, gain approval, or be safe, but to honor what we love, and live to follow this call inside us.

It's the journey that counts-not the arriving. We are never done! We are always adjusting our vision, refining, trying things on and discarding what doesn't fit our highest selves. It is the seeking of our vision that brings us power, passion and joy-not arriving at an external goal.

Whatever paths we follow, we are really journeying back to ourselves; reclaiming our essential power and recovering our true voice, and our ability to live the life we were born to live-that of our most authentic self-from our deepest core. We are always a work in progress-that's the joy of being alive."

From the forthcoming book Navigating Change, by Christine Warren