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Christine Warren Workshops - Personal Growth Training & Counseling


Spiritual Awakening Through Life's Transitions

Upcoming: October 20-22, 2017 in Santa Fe, NM. To register, contact Christine.

Note: This is a new workshop with new teachings and experiences from Christine's long-running Navigating Change, as taught at Kripalu and elsewhere for 16 years. This program description expands upon Christine's listing for Beyond Change in Kripalu Center's catalogues.

" When I walked into your "Navigating Change" workshop at Kripalu, I was shattered by sudden loss and betrayal and consumed by anger and resentment. I was screaming inside to believe "I will survive this". Your workshop gave me back something I hadn't even realized I lost... hope, and your teaching put me on a path I couldn't have imagined.

Your complete acceptance of my unbridled humanity and your love, understanding and compassion propelled me towards the "survive". Your belief in who I am, both human and divine, guided me from "survive" into "thrive". Today I am a different person--calmer, more confident, and --for no external reason-- deliciously peaceful, joyful, and happy. My gratitude is bottomless."

J. B., Executive Coach for Fortune 500 Co., CT


Spend a weekend in the glorious autumn of Santa Fe in this life-changing workshop, Beyond Change. This program, appropriate for everyone interested in deepening through life changes, expands upon the teachings and work of Christine's long running national workshop Navigating Change, taking it to a new level.

Christine is known for her masterful teaching and perceptive, compassionate facilitation inviting deep shifts and personal openings. You will be part of a caring community of seekers, exploring the deeper meaning of your life changes and finding the gifts, healings and breakthroughs within them. We will spend one session in Kripalu's forests in vision questing, poetry, silence, ritual and sacred circle. You will receive tools and teachings to support you in practicing all you have learned and experienced back home.

We'll explore the five phases of change and have guided group experiences to find the spiritual and human gifts offered in each phase. Finding inner completion, forgiveness and power from your past will give you a deep ground of strength and trust in life to move forward in fresh ways. As you step into a new way of being, fully alive, self-loving, and in touch with the Higher Self within you, you will learn how to access your own higher guidance, finding outer expressions that are aligned to your True Self.

Christine's 40 years of teaching metaphysics and spirituality, blended with dynamic human healing work, helps you learn to leave outgrown ways of living behind and manifest new possibilities for who you are. You will leave inspired and in touch with the joy and goodness of your life changes and hope for your next chapters.

"I am so grateful for the Navigating Change workshop at Kripalu that you gave all of us. It amazes me how seemingly effortlessly you can take a group of hesitant, wounded, intelligent, powerful adults to a place within us that allows such deep inquiry and change. Your openness, your knowing, your kindness and love are so powerful. I am in awe of your gift and in appreciation for your sharing it with me and my fellow travelers. This wonderful weekend with you will be a part of me for a long time."

Linda Earls, Educator, Long Island, NY