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A Three Day Breakthrough Intensive in
Manifesting New Possibilities for Your Life

"Everyone in our group unanimously rated Christine's weekend retreat with us as the best one we've ever had. We will remember this experience."
-John Shulman, NYC Metro Young Presidents' Organization

"As I walked to my car after my personal retreat with Christine, I realized that for the first time in many months, I felt joy, possibility and promise about my life."
—Virginia, Attorney, Berkeley, CA

"Christine, you have been a lighthouse in the storm, a divining rod in the desert, and a sanctuary for my soul. You have contributed to me in a BIG way to help me arrive where I am today and know where I am going."
—Nicole Ervin, Founder, Live Life Realized, El Dorado Hills, CA

In life's major turning points, great breakthroughs can occur by taking a personal intensive retreat with a seasoned transformational guide. A personal retreat can remove long-standing blocks and beliefs that have held you back from your greatest power and potential, opening you to new paths of freedom, vision, and personal fulfillment. In your Santa Fe retreat with Christine, extraordinary breakthroughs can occur in a concentrated period of time. Outgrown beliefs and patterns that have held you back from your greatest joy, unhealed past experiences calling for resolution, careers or relationships that no longer fulfill you, can all open doors for healing and transformation when positively explored with Christine's experienced guidance and facilitation.

In your three day Personal Retreat with Christine:

  • You receive concentrated, caring, professionally supported time with a seasoned, skillful guide to create a new life vision and a plan to enact it.
  • You reframe and clear unresolved past experiences and limiting beliefs that hold back your magnificence.
  • You immerse yourself into your goals for your life, relationships, spirituality, and personal meaning.
  • You discover exhilarating new insights and clarity about your life, work, and relationships which make a quantitative positive shift in your life.
  • You create a powerful new vision for your life path and craft a practical, step by step plan to actualize it.
  • You discover your magnificence and deep worth in the presence of a guide who sees your highest potentials, believes in you, and helps you arrive where you want to be in your life.
  • You have fun, laugh, do rituals, share deeply, feel empowered, get energized, and feel lighter.
To schedule your Complimentary Personal Retreat Consultation,
please contact Christine

Phone: 505-231-4584
Email: [email protected]

"My personal retreat with Christine was a life-changing event. While I am a successful business woman in my 40's, I had been struggling for years with a lack of fulfillment. I had tried counseling several times, but always walked away with no change to my life's big picture. After spending three-days with Christine, my world opened up again. She helps me gain perspective and turn my thoughts, fears, and even joys into action. She has tremendous insight, compassion and sincerity and has taught me that I already possess all I need to control my own destiny. My retreat created an amazing bond, and I am grateful that Christine came into my wonderful life!"
-Becky, Senior Manager, Fortune 500 Software Company

What To Expect In Your Personal Retreat:

  1. Free Initial Consultation: You schedule a complimentary, confidential phone or zoom consultation with Christine (about 30 minutes) to discuss your current challenges, desired outcomes, and hopes for your retreat. Christine shares some of her methodology and ways of working, answers your questions, and does a mini-coaching with you on the spot so you can get to know how she works. She shares about some of the teachings, experiential work, and skills building she might guide you in to help you achieve your goals. The consult allows you to get a feeling for Christine and for what the retreat might be like for you. If you commit, you reserve dates and make a deposit to hold your space.
  2. Pre-Work and Design: Christine sends you a confidential pre-introspection to begin exploring your needs and goals for the retreat. Filling out the introspection initiates your work about your life goals and desired directions. Couples respond individually allowing Christine to gather each partner's unique needs and perspectives.
  3. Christine custom-designs your retreat: A two-day creative process guided by your introspection responses and your goals to come up with a plan that is uniquely suited to you.
  4. Your Santa Fe Personal Retreat: Usually structured as 3 Days, 3 ½ Session hours a day; other scheduling options available. The day before your retreat you settle into your inn or B & B after your flight to New Mexico. In the morning, you drive to Christine's cottage in the beautiful countryside just outside of Santa Fe for coffee and croissants on Christine's porch and getting acquainted before we dive in. Inspiring, independent afternoons and evenings complete each day (see below).

Retreat Details:

For three mornings, you are in session for 3 ½ hours with Christine. With her skillful, caring support, you dive into the deep work of exploring your life, intensively focusing on your dreams, goals and needs; addressing presenting challenges calling for resolution in your life; amplifying your life vision, and focusing on manifesting the biggest possibilities for your well being and joy. Your experience can include elements of a spiritual retreat if you wish. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, and the work is as deep as you choose.

A nurturing, beautiful setting. We take regular breaks for coffee or tea, snacks and recharging outside with easy Kripalu yoga or strolling on Christine's grounds. Sessions may take place in Christine's cottage, or outside in Christine's garden.

Your Retreat plan includes dynamic teachings and tools with handouts, experiential work, deep facilitation, inspiring ritual and ceremony in nature, and creative experiences to support your inner work. You can request in advance specific teachings or guided experiences based on Christine's transformational workshops, such as meditation training, metaphysical teaching, vision coaching, dream analysis, rituals in nature, etc. The design is organic. We do what serves you and not a prescribed program.

Inspiring, Independent Afternoons and Evenings: In the afternoons and evenings, you independently experience Santa Fe's stunning, life renewing energy and beauty. You are on your own to explore, adventure, nurture, and enjoy all you are learning with activities that complement your retreat. Santa Fe's spectacular environment offers countless ways to rest, play, and nurture yourself on your retreat and keep the intensive work of your retreat integrated and balanced. Those wishing sacred, spiritual retreat experiences will be guided to sacred gardens, holy places and ancient sites on Santa Fe to meditate and attune.

Santa Fe is a world class travel destination consistently voted by Travel and Leisure magazine as a readers' top pick for spectacular scenery, award-winning restaurants, healing spas, wilderness experiences and charming inns.

Taking It Home: At the closing of your final session, Christine concretizes the work of the retreat by creating your Personal Action Plan and Vision on posters for you to take home. The Personal Action Plan summarizes all you have learned, the breakthroughs you've made and the new decisions you've enacted for your life, and lists important commitments you've made as a result of the Personal Retreat. This plan supports you in continuing to practice the transformative work of your retreat. Many retreat clients do Life Coaching sessions by phone afterwards to concretize their breakthroughs.

Personal Retreat Topics Include:

A Vision Retreat: Professional Changes and New Visions for Careers
Exploring making a shift in careers or making current work more fulfilling and satisfying, doing visionary value clarification and concrete action planning to create the work of your dreams; learning metaphysical and quantum physics principles to attract professional opportunities you desire; taking practical steps with spiritual and attitudinal practices to build energy, confidence and creativity in pursuing your life expressions.

Navigating Change (Please visit our Navigating Change page)
Addressing the needs of individuals in life transitions and times of change, including going through divorce, loss of a loved one, health challenges, relocation, and lifestyle changes, who wish to integrate their past with wisdom and power, embrace the Mystery period between forms, and enact an inspired Vision for their future.

Conscious Relationship Retreat: For Individuals or Couples
This retreat is focused on learning conscious communication skills in listening, giving and receiving feedback sensitively; expressing needs and wants in healthy ways; discovering creative ways to reframe and transform conflicts; finding new joy and love in a committed partnership, marriage or other relationship; discovering how to attract and sustain healthy, positive relationships; creating a vision for the kind of relationship you want.

"Our Personal Couples' Vision Retreat with you was valuable, revealing, and touching. My husband verbalized that he felt so comfortable in your space and with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your deep understanding, wisdom, and ability to facilitate and move things. I hope to do more work with you."
-J.A., Social Worker, New Hampshire

Healing Breakthroughs to Peace and Well Being
Deep facilitative transformational support and integrative, healing processing in times of challenge; turning old pain into new possibility; forgiving the past while reclaiming your voice and power; transforming debilitating beliefs into empowering inner wisdom and self-love.

Small Group Retreats: Families, Friends, Organizations
Circles of friends, leadership and other teams in organizations, Siblings and Families can create their own Personal Retreat with Christine to address specific needs and wants or simply create a high-energy, joy-filled, adventurous retreat of bonding, creativity and deepening connections among members. These group retreats may include labyrinth walking, nature hiking, vision questing, doing personal exploration with song, journaling, mythic art and mask-making, drumming, or other Santa Fe activities. Call to discuss your needs.

Christine's Qualifications: 40 Years of facilitating transformation nationally for individuals, couples, and organizations

National Personal Growth Teacher and Counselor:

"Christine combines laser-like insight based on decades of practice with a radient presence that makes you want to jump into the adventure of life! She is masterful."
-Thomas Amelio, Director, New York Open Center

As a founding member of Kripalu Center, one of the world's largest human potential and personal growth centers, Christine served for 13 years as senior faculty, developing core curriculum for and leading thousands of people in life-changing breakthrough workshops. Her workshops in Navigating Change, Life Vision, Spirituality, Conscious Relationships and Personal Growth have touched over 10,000 workshop participants. Christine has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Lesley College, Atsitsa Growth Center in Greece, Icelandic growth centers, New York Open Center, Rowe Center, American Humanistic Psychology Conferences, and countless other settings. Throughout this time, she has maintained a private coaching and counseling practice. Her extensive professional training and mentoring include Depth Psychology, Gestalt work, and Jungian training in dream analysis and mythic, archetypal psychology.

Relationship Trainer and Couples' Coach
In the 70's and 80's, Christine was a core developer of Kripalu's relationships workshops, teaching Conscious Relationships workshops nationally and at Kripalu, leading Deepening Your Love Marriage Intensives with her husband, and providing private coaching for married couples. In the 90's Christine developed Couples' Vision Quests for Kripalu Center and in Santa Fe, guiding couples in developing an inspired life vision and learning metaphysical tools and conflict resolution skills to create an abundant, fulfilling life together. Christine's practice honors gender diversity and her clients include lesbian, gay, and transgendered individuals.

Corporate Executive Coach and Trainer

"Everyone in our group rated Christine's retreat with us as the best one we have ever had, including exotic places we've traveled to and other facilitators we've used. She walks that fine line well between process and applicability. We will remember this extraordinary experience."
-John Schulman, New York Metro Young Presidents' Organization

Following 13 years on Kripalu's core faculty, Christine co-founded and directed New Resources for Growth, an international corporate executive training firm. Christine coached and trained high powered executive teams of over 50 prestigious corporations including ABC-TV, CBS-TV, Warner Brothers L.A., Princess Resorts, the Young Presidents' Organization, national advertising firms, and Iceland's three top corporations. She and her NRG partner conducted Organizational Assessments and provided in-depth analyses of the corporations' strengths, limiting patterns and untapped potentials. Christine led 3 day off-site retreats for the executive teams which dissolved core blocking patterns, created inspired vision and mission, and catalyzed significant breakthroughs for the teams. Following NRG, Christine served as lead trainer and Director of Kripalu's Conscious Leadership Training Center.

To schedule your Complimentary Personal Retreat Consultation,
please contact Christine

Phone: 505- 231-4584
Email: [email protected]