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Christine Warren Workshops - Personal Growth Training & Counseling

Spinning Straw to Gold

"I came feeling brittle, uncentered and anxious. I'm leaving open and with a soft, compassionate heart for myself and others. Christine's openness, compassion and intelligence were powerful. It was a transformative experience to be in her presence."
-Anne Cody, "Common Ground" talk show host

Life transitions are fertile turning points in the evolutionary journey of every person. By embracing these times consciously, we may shed old ways of being that no longer serve us; release the “us” that we once identified with; face and release fears of living our magnificence; and choose to live as powerful, creative beings with chutzpah, zest, and reckless courage.

Creating as the ancient alchemists did from the raw material of our current life transitions, we transmute the old to gold. We work creatively with releasing what has been dried out and used up in our lives-the "straw" of old relationships, careers, and ways of being that once served us--as we find that these old lessons and experiences can be spun into new gold--our larger lives waiting to embrace us. As we find new ways to love, to share our talents and gifts, to enter into relationships with like-minded souls--and live heartily, without apology, and with joy and fullness-- our lives truly become golden.

The Alchemy of Life Transitions includes:

  • Who's Being Born? Who's Dying? Mythic rites of initiation and passage to birth the new parts of you coming alive.
  • Standing with Hecate at the Crossroads: finding your path forward with heart, and leaving behind old paths that no longer serve you.
  • Attracting Conscious Relationships with like minded souls who are a vibrational match for your biggest self.
  • Tapping Your Inner Wells of abundant joy: play, creativity, and exuberant living.
  • Taking a Stand for Your Magnificence, and living it fully.
  • The Power of Metaphysics: working with ancient spiritual teachings and quantum/metaphysical truths to radically change your perceptions--and therefore, your experience.